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*&%^ my eye!

There is nothing worse to wake up to than someone screaming your name at 7am.

My sister had a small crisis this morning, with her contact ripping in half while in her eye. One little piece was stuck in it, and she was running late to school. So here I am, barely conscious with a pair of glasses thrown on, trying to fish out this tiny piece of plastic. After much drama, I was able to get it out… we can just say that my sister did not have a good day (because of other things also.)

However, my day was alright. I went back to sleep after this drama, until almost noon. I realized how sore I was from moving my entire life back and forth from school to home, but I did spend several hours unpacking again. It rained a large portion of the day, making it unpleasant outside.

The evening was spent downtown at River Festival with Krister, Ross and my sister. The weather still wasn’t great, but we managed. I met Molly, who I had heard about before, and we walked around for many hours. I spent $3 on a stale slice of pizza, took some great photographs, listened to live music (including a guy who could play two guitars at the same time!) and just plain had fun. We finally agreed that we were ready to leave, and after a fairly quick drive across the flyover and up 235, we got ice cream at Dairy Queen.

I’m not sure what the plan is for tomorrow, but I can already tell that it will be a busy day. It’s the last day of River Festival, with a large fireworks show with 400,000 people attending. I need to meet up with Steve, Jerod is leaving for the summer to South Dakota tomorrow, and my sister might be having a high-school graduation party.

Life is good.

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