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oooo, aaaahh!

Yesterday was a blast. I went to a salon school to get my haircut, and I like it. My hair is just so damn thick, but this guy did a good job and now it?s spiky!

After this, I had my car worked on (oil change and tires rotated), hanging out with Steve for a few hours. But was this the end of fun?

Soon, it was time to get back to my house, where we had a graduation party for my sister. Food was fantastic, especially compared to the food I?ve been eating this past semester. Once the clock hit 8pm, I started planning the nightly River Festival activities. I had several offers, and I?m quite sorry I couldn?t participate in all of them. We managed to drive downtown in two cars, getting snagged in some nasty traffic. Everyone was trying to find places to park, since most lots and garages downtown were already full. We ended up parking in a really “bad” area a few miles away.

Immediately, we were fighting crowds. We wandered around for a bit, finally walking to Kennedy Plaza, where we caught the very last of the 1812 Overture. That is always the finale at the Twilight Pops Concert, performed by the Wichita Symphony Orchestra, with carillons and bells rung all across Wichita and canons booming from the river. But this year the canons were replaced with fireworks, shot from the tops of a few buildings. To say it was neat would be an understatement.

We finally pushed our way onto the riverbank, finding a tiny square of grass to sit on. The fireworks show was great as always, synchronized to music. But you know what is strange? I remember watching them when I was small, crying, and afraid of the loud noises they made. They seemed like they lasted forever? but as I grow older, the show seems to become shorter and shorter. I know it?s my imagination, but it still worries me. Things don?t impress us as much as we get older. Jaded.

We waited for the crowds to disperse some, and then hopped on the flyover to get to IHOP. It hit the spot, and then it was off to Dave?s to hang out for a bit. I stayed longer than I was planning, watching NOVA and Nature on PBS. Dorky? I don?t think so? one program was on the sinking of Venice and the other on the endangered sea lions.

I?ll post photos of my night later today, along with a video. I?m still sorry the comments aren?t functioning? I?ll keep trying to figure it out. And Sarah? I wish I could have seen the Starlight Mints with you in Norman. I bet it was wonderful.

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