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never ever been / part of any scene

Listening to: Ed Harcourt – Jetsetter

Ted Nugent should not be someone interviewed for a show on divas. VH1 must be retarded. This is the man who likes to hunt, making his own beef jerky.

While watching Jason Mraz on Leno, I realized a major problem artists face. After performing a song so many times, you become bored with it. So you start to change it. This may be fine for die-hard fans, but when you hear something live, the average person expects it to sound much like the CD. So this is a constant battle, between staying fresh and making the song something it was never intended to be.

I spent the evening at Dave’s, playing Smash Brothers on the GameCube with Steve and him. Steve told me that he had chicken rings today. Yep, chicken rings. He thinks this is a good idea, but this just makes me uneasy. Onions are fine in rings, since they are naturally circular. But chickens are not. They are more square than anything.

The three of us and Camille went to Braum’s for ice cream. This was bad planning on my part, because I had just purchased a $3 strawberry shake right before. Not to be left out, I got a vanilla cone. $4 on just ice cream… makes you full just thinking about it.

I’m still hunting for a job; who knew it would be this difficult? On a happy note, grades from the semester were good!

DSL by this weekend. About time.

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