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elevator… going down

Kings of Convenience ? Little Kids

I’ve had this dream before: elevator accidents. I’m not sure what scares me about them, but I can remember when I was younger, I did not like riding in elevators at all. I’ve learned to live with them, but they still have that possibility of scaring me. In this dream, it is a strange elevator; two clear mats are used somehow, with the cargo/people sitting on these flimsy sheets, and they are hooked into an impossibly huge and complex mechanism. I think it might be half magic. The location of this particular elevator was in a dorm, but this dorm was 40 or so stories high. I actually wasn’t a part of the accident this time (as I usually am), but my friends ended up being a part of it. I had ridden it earlier, came back to the elevator after running errands, and saw the maintenance people manually moving levers and pullies to make the elevator work. HOLY CRAP. What the hell is wrong with me?

Do you ever feel guilty for wishing that someone else shared your tastes in something? Music is a great example of this? and I?m as guilty as anyone else on this. But I was thinking pretty hard about this today, and I think I?m over this guilt. Why should my friends like the same things I like? A few common interests are good, but if we are identical, that really just gives us that many more things to fight about.

A Good Samaritan tried helping a car accident victim in Wichita today? only to have his car stolen by the very guy he was helping!

Jim Carry was on Letterman. With cameras all over his body. I love that man.

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