Believe in me as I believe in you tonight

The Smashing Pumpkins ? Tonight, Tonight

Is listening going out of style? I?m beginning to think it is. It was an amazing coincidence that I found this, which at least gave me hope.

I purchased a new face plate for my phone. Most of you know of my embarrassing situation? I have a screech owl on my phone:

But I will soon be replacing this with a cover bought for a few dollars on eBay that resembles a Smashing Pumpkins? album.

Things that bother me at the moment:
1. An elitist complex in certain people I know
2. Still no job
3. My sore body, from mowing with a broken self-propelled mower for 2 hours? although it was for my grandparents, so that makes it worth it
4. A lack of human contact today? if you know me and are in Wichita, get in touch (SMS me at 316-250-1341).

Things that make me happy:
1. 3 hours of Law & Order were on tonight!
2. The workout I received from mowing
3. The great friends I do have? and cool internet people like Ann!
4. The HP commercial I saw on TV, with the Polyphonic Spree as the background music! FANTASTIC!

I?ve already written too much? and I should be sleeping, for I am going with my mother to garage sales tomorrow morning. I?m feeling lucky? I?ll let you know what I bring back.