With zero, my hero, how wonderful you are

Schoolhouse Rock – My Hero, Zero

Step right up! See an amazing feast for the eyes!

First off, directly in front of you, is 3 videos… the Museum of Ancient Treasures, a neato elevator, and an old movie house turned gelato factory!

Next up, to your left (don’t ask me!), you’ll find many a photograph in the 3 new galleries!

And last, but not least, three shots of my new stickers I received in the mail today!

I’ll be sticking these babies all over the place… better watch out!

For those more interested in interesting information, I have two links for you:
– An article about how the new generation of “camera phones” are changing photography as we know it (P.S. I want one bad.)
– Starbucks bans photos taken inside their stores?

My aunt and uncle (one of two sets from Oklahoma) are coming to Wichita tomorrow… they’ll be here all weekend, making it a blast. Oh yes, if you didn’t already know, comments are back!!! Let me know everyone is still alive!