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one thousand words! well, maybe not.

Mirah – Archipelago

I grew tired of the old design… so here is a new one I worked on late last night. I’ll probably be working the bugs out today, but let me know what you think.

Surprisingly, during my 15 years of using a computer, I’ve never spilled pop or beverage in my keyboard. Until yesterday. I knocked half a glass of Dr. Pepper all over my keyboard. But I popped every key off, cleaned it up, and I think everything works. Hehe… I had to remember where the brackets and slashes went.

Yesterday was strange. Things went wrong, and things went right. It started off badly, being yelled at by my mother when I wasn’t ready to go mow my grandparents’ lawn in the morning. I had assumed, incorrectly, that I would be given time to eat lunch after she got home. Several hours later, the entire lawn was mowed.

As mentioned yesterday, my cell phone had absolutely no signal since last night. Fearing that it was probably broken, I headed over to Cingular to have them look at it. Something had broken inside of it. But you know what? They replaced it. For free! I was speechless, because this lady who is always there is usually less than friendly. So yes, good news there. No money spent.

But misfourtune struck again, this time with my webserver. One of the drives disappeared on it, causing problems. Then, my DNS service screwed up big time. I’m sure you don’t care about that, but the end result was that my site was down for most of the day. They are both fixed now, so hooray.

Robert Capa. Have you heard of him? Brilliant photographer, he is considered the greatest war photographer of all time. On PBS last night, there was a program on him. I’d rank it in the top 5% of all TV I’ve seen, inspiring me to no end. Now I have this incredible urge to take better pictures. Who said TV is worthless? If you missed it, read about it here.

P.S. While outside yesterday, I suddenly felt sorry for Californians and Floridians, who never experience all 4 seasons. The feeling of change is wonderful.


  1. I decided to stop using a tagboard. Use the comments, even if off topic.

  2. StuTheRyan StuTheRyan

    its all going to change, why lord why?!?!

  3. Hm..
    it changed twice today, Adam has a bit too much time.. :p

  4. bag lady bag lady

    Yes, I like the change. Then you don’t have to be skinny and fit to look good all the time. 😀

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