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Do I have ADD? Nope, just style.

WXPN – University of Pennsylvania

I must be restless. How else would you explain three different designs in two days? I’m glad I wasn’t satisfied with the last one; this one is one that I think I can stand for many months. It’s happy, it’s welcoming (as Jim put it), and it is original. It’s just a good thing.

I went to some garage sales today… and I’m going to more tomorrow. I found a few good things today; much like gambling, I’ll be hoping for the same fortune tomorrow morning. Early.

Sleepy… so I probably should sleep. Tomorrow will be a busy/fun day. Or at least that’s my intention.

P.S. My gaming days have finally paid off. I always knew they would.


  1. Stu Stu

    Your little “Paid off” news is so two days ago 🙂 live in the now man =P Hope I get to see you at the pizza place tonight YOz. Keep it interesting, and remember, just because it is edible, doesn’t mean its good.

  2. Captain K Captain K

    not just style, MAD-PHAT style!

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