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the sounds of silence


Bullet time! (not the Matrix type)

– Garage sales are not good most of the time; don’t let your mom fool you.
– 2 hours in Kohl’s might just kill you.
– Wedding rehearsals are useless for the musicians… yet why do I always forget?
– Traffic was quite heavy this evening, making driving not so fun.
– My new faceplate for my cell phone came in; the server at Torrie’s Pizza commented that she liked it, and in fact had just finished papering her bathroom with the same pattern. Oh joy.
– I probably had WAY too much food today. 2 egg sandwiches, 3 hotdogs, and a large bowl of ice cream… and this was before trying to eat 4 slices of meaty pizza tonight. I only finished one.
– Old Town (a renovated warehouse area east of downtown in Wichita) is quite fun, but I don’t get to fully experience it until I’m 21… which is just around the corner in July.
– I can enjoy live music of any type; it’s just albums that I have very particular tastes in.
– For those who follow the news in Wichita, I was told that the attorney for the Carr brothers (who raped and murdered many people one evening) works as a bartender. I saw him tonight.
– Photos were taken of all of this, but they will have to wait until tomorrow(?)

Tomorrow will be a bad day, with a wedding I’m doing music for and work in the evening. You can find me tearing tickets at the movie theatre.


  1. can’t wait to see pictures! 🙂

  2. bag lady bag lady

    maybe that’s how he meets his clients.

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