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Def Leppard nodded at me!

Realizing that you might have worked a day you shouldn’t, because of reading one week ahead on the work schedule, can make you feel uneasy. I’ll be checking on this tomorrow.

On other employment news, I received a call this morning from my temp agency. They had a 2-3 day job filing at a mortgage company downtown. After considering, I declined. Working 14 hours, plus drive time and having the schedules overlap, might hurt me. I also picked up another wedding, this one on the 4th of July. Does this seem strange to you?!

But the most exciting news of the day came from my friend Jeff. He told me about a summer internship as a network administrator at a bank. It would be full time and would pay decently. I’ll be interviewing on Thursday… this could be very big. I’ll speak more on this later.

Living in Wichita, celebrities visit occassionally, but infrequently. An exception happened today. While working my 6 hour shift, a man and his girlfriend came into the mall. My spider senses immediately sniffed out their stylish, not-dressed-for-the-mall look. I gave him a nod, which was reciprocated, and thought nothing more of it. Until the man came back, after buying items at Journey’s, showing me the left side of his body. With an arm missing. It was Rick Allen, Def Leppard’s one-armed drummer. The man who, just moments earlier, had given me the nod. How cool.

On a less famous note, Tony Harshberger also stopped by. I haven’t seen that guy in ages, and he’s doing well. He told me that he’s been playing piano at the Mosley Street Melodrama. I’m jealous…

Last, but not least, I posted 3 new albums in the photo gallery. How excited are you?


  1. FHSUTigersRock FHSUTigersRock

    It was cool to bump into the drummer from Def Leppard, it sounds you are a having a fun and busy summer. Since you haven’t had any comments lately…I thought I would leave one before I start my busy summer.

  2. annonymouse annonymouse

    Nice pictures! I liked that one with your brother in the hammock. That looked like a hard moment to catch, because it looks like he’s about to fall off. Hey, where’d you find that religious tract btw? I’m always interested to hear where people leave those things. I also liked your head hitting the ceiling photo. That’s a classic!

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