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Do not feed the oysters.

Lambchop – Is a Woman

Update on schedule: I *was* reading the wrong one, but luckily it hadn’t messed me up yet.

I’ve come to the conclusion that theatre patrons who sit in the very back row are ALWAYS the messiest. Do they feel that no one is watching them, thus they can throw popcorn all over the floor?

In continuation of my famous people sightings, I saw two people that I haven’t seen since high school: James Pham and Laura Sutter. Do any of you remember them? It’s been two years, and they still remembered me. It makes you feel good, as if you just might have made a difference to people, even during the crappy time of everyone’s life called high school. I’ve found that since graduation over 2 years ago, cliques that were barriers have been knocked down. We are all on the same level now. How cool is that?

I’ve implemented a rotating banner for this site. Please let me know what you think. It’s time for this boy to get to bed. Things are going alright.


  1. Brian Brian

    I have found your observation to be very true as well

  2. Greg Greg

    Same here. Grrr. It’s so disrespectful! I think that “beat-down sticks” should be issued to all theatre employees so that they can give something back to kind theatre patrons as you call them.

    P.S. I hope that you’re doing well and I’m continuing my blogging too. Whoopie! I miss y’all!

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