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While working at the movie theatre in the mall, a very large group of teens heads towards the exit by us. My first thought was that they must be a part of a youth group. Well, I guess you could say they were. Once outside, all hell broke loose. It was a gang fight. A large one, consisting of about 20-30 people total. A few women with babies in tow ran toward the opposite end of the mall. We called mall security. They are idiots and didn’t even come. So we called the police. They came in only 10 minutes, but by this time, the fighting was over. One gang must have won, beating the shit out of the other and then entering the mall again, giving everyone near them nasty looks. We are just lucky that nothing more serious than clubs and other small weapons were used. Guns would have been very, very bad.

While cleaning the theatre after a showing of Bruce Almighty, I found a small flask of Jim Beam. It was empty, and at only $1.99, set that person back very little. Maybe I should heed this as a warning… don’t see the movie unless drinking. At least I didn’t find any dentures today…

And finally, after the mall had closed, I noticed that mall security was taking down entire panels of doors and windows at our entrance. Soon, a VW Jetta was rolling past the concession stand, the driver saying “is this a drive through?” on the way out. A few minutes later, a Beetle was seen driving into the mall. It was fairly entertaining, especially after a long day of work.

Tomorrow is my interview with the bank, a concert that I’ll be filming and who knows what else. Better stick around.

Listening: Elliott Smith – Baby Britain

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