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umm, yeah… computer proficient since birth

I had my job interview today. 40 minutes of driving later, I arrived at the bank. I walked into a room, where a handful of other hopefuls were sitting around. The uncomfortable silence lasted almost two hours before my name was finally called. I had this horrible feeling of dread; the other people in the room were middle-aged men. Can I compete against them? After the interview was over, I think I just might be able to. Despite the interview going extremely well, I’m still making sure to not get my hopes up. I’ll know early next week if I get the job.

While filling out the application, it has a spot for work related skills. I checked most of the boxes (word processing? spreadsheets? presentations?), and then tried to come up with a figure showing how many years I’ve been proficient at it. This irked me a bit; how do you know when you acquire a skill? Is there a predefined moment?

Tonight was much fun, watching my friends Jim and Matt perform at a small gathering of friends and strangers. Despite the rain moving the outdoor concert inside, it still was a remarkable time. Hours well spent. Photos for you.

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