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i love the colorful clothes she wears / and the way the sunlight plays upon her hair

People are dull. They are dull, dead, uninterested. And then they develop their pseudo-contacts, fake pleasures, fake intelligence, superficial things, the wars and so on.
?Wilhelm Reich (found via

Friday night was a good time. My dad came home from a business trip in the afternoon, and Steve and I jammed in his garage late at night. We actually learned several songs: a few Beulah tunes, a Carrs song and a Shins song. And we sound pretty damn good!

Today was less exciting; I worked. We had our busiest night on record at the movie theatre, but more importantly, several things happened musically today for me. First, I dug out my self-titled Ben Folds Five album. This single album might just be my most valued one out of all the cds and mp3s I possess. Second, I obtained the album that never was; The Beach Boys “Smile.” It was to be a follow up to “Pet Sounds,” considered one of the most influencial albums of the 20th century. “Smile” was to top this, including the well-known single “Good Vibrations,” but soon the album was declared defunct. The sessions were saved, and they released a crappy album of some leftovers called “Smiley Smile.” Finally, after decades of waiting, the original album has surfaced. It’s rough sounding, with many of the songs only partially complete. But you can still get the feeling of what could have been, most of the songs still holding up despite their unfinished status. In a word, it’s FANTASTIC.

Tomorrow is my dad’s birthday. Happy birthday man!

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  1. bag lady bag lady

    Still can’t believe you call your dad “man.” So very different to me.

    Happy birthday to him! After all, his birth eventually lead to yours.

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