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The things you’re most afraid of have already happened.

Wow, it is HUMID out. It certainly feels like a summer evening.

Everyone seems to be taking a break. Even yours truly. Until today that is. Remember this day, June 9th. The day the world came back. That’s what we’ll call it. I’m just happy that many of my favorite sites are back once again… I was getting a little worried.

Work was dull. One thing saved it; a Dilly bar. Those Dairy Queen treats, cheap as they are, can lift any mood. They are the perfect snack for friends. Luckily, it was given to me for free, when Stu and Matt B. dropped by while in the mall. Hooray! I have a feeling that I might go see some free movies at the theatre the next few days… let me know if you are someone who would like to go with me (especially if you are a lovely lady!)

Tomorrow will be busy. But I already have a feeling that it will be invigorating… one of those days that makes you know that everything is just right. My car requires attention, the bank (where I applied for an internship) left a message on my cell during work asking me to call them back, my driver’s license needs renewing, and a million other things need to get done. I like it this way.

My word, Sarah B., you are the luckiest girl ever. Having the Flaming Lips call you (from an Oklahoma City show that I could not make) and sing Happy Birthday would have to be one of the coolest things that could happen. Ever.

I saw this quote from “One Hour Photo” on someone’s Ann’s site: “The things you’re most afraid of have already happened.”

Link 1: Nudes.
Link 2: Odds for apocalypse at 50-50.
Link 3: Cursive is dying. Especially in me.

I want to play tennis. With you. Don’t worry, I’m not that great. Let me know if this sounds like something you could do.

P.S. I put another album up. Nothing exciting, but it’s at least something.

Listening to: Olivia Tremor Control – Hide Away (World Trade Remix)


  1. ann ann

    that someone’s site would be mine! where is the linkage?? i am shameless self promoting. and shameless adam promoted.

  2. Jerod Jerod

    oh yeah, well the bass player from Starlight Mints came up to me after the show to tell me how much he liked my shirt…

  3. I’m sorry Ann!

    And Jerod, that is quite awesome also… how was the show and what shirt were you wearing?

  4. annonymouse annonymouse

    Here’s another cool photography link for you:
    (be warned that there is some tasteful nudes on this page in addition to the other photos…)

    I like the random picture thing with your layout adam. It’s refreshing. The small pic on the side is neat too with the sealab gang.

    Speaking of cartoon network, aren’t those new simple title sequences between the cartoons cool? I get a laugh out of them anyway.

  5. That is a really awesome site! And thank you on the design compliment. Those Adult Swim cards between shows are the best. Ever.

    P.S. I really wish I knew more on who you were… I feel like I know you, but maybe I don’t. If you’d feel better about it, just drop me an email. I always enjoy meeting new people.

  6. bag lady bag lady

    mmm. Dilly bars. I like the mint ones. Try it. They taste even better if you’re engaging in some conversation with Amy Sorenson.

  7. Hey bag lady? When will you be visiting Wichita? Because we seriously need to hang out. Soon.

    I can get us in to free movies. Because I am the man!

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