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bitterness or joy?



Which one do you choose?

After a terrific conversation with Ann:, and a quick talk with Amanda, I realized that we all make this choice. Some have chosen to rant; this is fine. Ranting is an easy and quick way to release emotion.

Let’s practice:
-Some live in a world where the wrong things are important. You need to just grow up. That trendiness can bite you in the ass. And be less melodramatic. You aren’t as important as you think.

Alright, that wasn’t bad. Good thing I didn’t use any names, because that wouldn’t end up well.

But I often try to choose the other option, joy. You may use another word, happiness. But I think joy is a much better describer. If someone told you they were joyful, would you believe them? Of course! But people often lie, telling others that they are happy, despite all the signs that they are not.

You are alive; be joyful for that. There are loving people out there; seek them out. En-joy yourself. What do you have to loose?

Guess what? Tomorrow is the day I find out if I get the job as a network administrator intern at a bank. Time to roll the dice…

Listening to: Cornelius – Count Five or Six


  1. jim jim

    good luck adam!! and thx for all yer help?F!!??!?@KL∩d?⌠

  2. i am more inclined to say that there are things more important than personal happiness, and that it can be for more meaningful to stand up for an idea or principle, even should it lead you down a path of eternal misery and sorrow. but then again, i am also FREAKING INSANE, so feel free to reach other conclusions.

  3. I have to agree on this point Adam. People lie sometimes to make others feel better, in order to prevent an attitude of pity towards the person who truely isn’t happy. I actually had a discussion with a close friend the other night reguarding this type of thing. I truely think there are some people who are thrive off of how others feel. Making someone else feel happy, despite how you truely feel, can be even more joyful than expressing your own self. This may sound contradictory to what most think, but damnit I’m entitled to my own thoughts. 😛

    Sorry about the long reply, just wanted to make my point.

  4. bag lady bag lady

    best of luck with the internship.

    Two things:
    1. All things heal with time.

    2. The world still needs negative, cynical people. We all like Janine Garafolo. (I have no freaking idea how to spell her name.)

  5. Rachel Rachel

    Adam-because i’m your sister, i’m gonna write this. Just cause u always give me a hard time. You wrote this:
    “You are alive; be joyful for that. There are loving people out there; seek them out. En-joy yourself. What do you have to loose?”

    I had a quiet chuckle, because for a second my brother sounded like that guy who wrote that everybodys free to wear sunscreen song. All his advice and such. I just never thought of u as the philosopher/dispensing advice type.


  6. Surprise! I am.

    And I do appreciate hearing from each and every one of you. I’ve been doing a crappy job here lately… and that is changing.

  7. Adam, you are wise beyond your years, and remarkably good people.

  8. Adam, you got nothing on me as far as doing a crappy job goes. :p

  9. amanda amanda

    I here that the line between truth, and false propaganda can become terribly blurred. I’d have to agree with that, especially in dealing with some virtual diaries.

    I also agree with you, in that nothing brings more satisfaction then joy. Unfortunately, we all have bitter moments. My bitter moments are often nothing shy of regret.

  10. Anonymous Anonymous

    shoot. that has hear, as opposed to the here that i typed out.

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