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ooooooh my.

Good freaking lord.
I am feeling strange.

I helped some relatives move into their apartment this afternoon. I honestly can’t remember working that hard ever before in my life. After 2 or 3 hours of doing that, I bet I’ll be one sore bastard tomorrow…. and it was pouring rain the entire time.

I finally got around to watching “Bruce Almighty” this evening… it was alright. I was disappointed. Perhaps I’m becoming a jaded movie watcher? Do I already make up my mind before even setting foot into the theatre? I left the movie early, because I went to the next screen to see the sneak of “The Hulk.” This was quite a bit better, and after several starts and stops because of bad splices and such, I got out of the theatre at 2am. One thing I remember: Jennifer Connelly is incredibly beautiful. With a capital B.

On feeling strange, I think my extreme tiredness from helping move, combined with several large glasses of Mountain Dew during the movies, may have made a deadly combination. I seriously feel not right at all… disconnected, over-alert and jittery. How fun, especially when I would love to be sleeping.

At least this was all free. With a capital F.


  1. Brian Brian

    Fedex hasn’t delivered my f-in’ ipod by noon like they said they would. With a capital F.

  2. look on the bright side, all that heavy lifting will make you an ubermensch of you in no time. unless you do it all day every day for two weeks straight, like i had to back in march when the museum moved to its new building. then you actually get weaker, because your muscles all die and you turn into a skeleton alien robot dinosaur.

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