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one month till my 21st.

Being bored, I ventured over to Borders to check on the Harry Potter madness. Tonight was the book release, right at midnight, and it was standing room only. They even had a silly countdown. Can you tell I’m not big on the Potter boy? And why did I go then? Because I knew it would be a photo opportunity. I’ll get those up tomorrow.

Early Friday morning, I had a dream that I went to go visit Elizabeth (even though I hardly know her; her site was simply the last one read that night). Well, immediately things were shitty, because I realized that I had forgotten my camera once on the plane. So I’m picked up at the airport and we go to her college, which is all multicolored with buildings that resemble tree houses in their design. I meet her posse, which ends up being a fraternity but also with girls. After given a t-shirt, I am told that they’ll be easy on me at initiation. then it’s time to go to one of 20 places with exotic food (all right in the dorms themselves) to eat. WACKY. It was still fun, but I’m afraid I have no pictures from this imaginary trip. Too bad for you.

Link fun:
me 2.

Filling my ears: Bright Eyes – Bowl of Oranges


  1. you know, i’ve had some weird dreams lately too… there was the one with this assassin out to kill me, and she had these crazy ninja stars that would ricochet off the walls, and she finally ran out and i was all “haha! what are you going to do now!” and she’s like “damn, i guess i’ll have to use the rocket launcher!” and i’m like “whoa!” and i’m all dodging rockets and flying through the air and diving away from stuff right before it collapses on me. it was such an action packed dream, it got even more awesome and it actually had a coherent story line, but now i’m going on forever so i’ll shut up.

  2. ann ann

    that is actually quite a brilliant idea, this whole photo adventure thing.

    although i am quite keen on the potter boy myself. i’m such a potthead.

    i didn’t get my copy til this afternoon though, and i didn’t even preorder. i chanced it. haha i live life on the edge.

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