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  1. jim jim

    hey adam! yah, those pics bring back memories… the pumpkin… that hallway… pacing back and forth waiting for movies to end… and also the appreciation for all of the intricacies and pathways the film goes thru that creates the athmosphere behind that glass that so many people take for granted.

    just wait till yer first brain wrap… that’ll be a blast… always make sure you have power to the platters.. heh… i only had one

    tralala… so my parents tell me about how my dad took out a student loan and paid it over 10 years after college for like 40 bucks a month… guh that is tempting… we shall see… we shall see…

  2. be forewarned jim, if you just pay the $40 minimum payment every month, you wind up paying waaaaaaay more than the original amount of money you borrowed. which is why i just throw huge chunks of money at my loans from GOD FORSAKEN EVIL WORTHLESS CREIGHTON UNIVERSITY every chance i get; the faster you pay it off, the less you end up paying.

  3. Maybe this isn’t the best place to reply to your comment, but .. yes I’m having trouble finding it in any form. It’d be awesome if you could hook me up. Thanks a lot!!

  4. Jim: Amen brother! It’s a miracle films work at all… I witnessed a brain wrap once, but it hasn’t happened to me yet (crossing fingers.)

    Wei: That boy was actually writing a check. He certainly didn’t know I was taking his picture, but it’s one of my favorites.

    Noelle: Look on my about page and give me an email or IM.

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