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high times.

Two observations:
1. My sister wore my contacts for several hours this morning, not even noticing that they weren’t hers. I’m thinking that “gross” might be an appropriate word.
2. The Movie Machine is THE place for marijuana users. Seriously, many people who came to shows tonight had odors of weed. STRONG odors.

P.S. I’m selling my Cisco 806 router on eBay. Quite a steal… and you’re using it right now by viewing my site!


  1. CiscoHATA CiscoHATA

    That router is for shit, doo!
    Cisco sucks!

  2. Yeah, and now sold.


    Cisco is up in the hizzie, shizzle nizzle!
    That be why adam be wheelin and dealin with them
    tangs faster than ice on a lizzady.


  4. laura laura

    how are we viewing your site if you don’t have it anymore? I’M SO CONFUSED. is it imaginary?? what’s going on?

  5. laura again ;) laura again ;)

    the auction page just loaded and i saw the picture. i can’t believe someone paid over 200 dollars for something that looks so boring! if it were sparkly pink, there’s a tiny chance i’d let /you/ pay /me/ to take it off your hands, but the price would have to be high….

  6. I’m thinking that “horrible accident” might be an appropriate way to describe why I proceeded to wear your contacts. Believe me this will NEVER again happen. You have my word. Seriously though we have a very similar prescription or something….

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