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no concentration!

I did some secret shopping with Steve today… and a big happy birthday to his woman Camille. I also picked up a boxed set of Onion books for extremely cheap.

Carrie and Leslie came to Wichita… we ate and shopped. It was good…. and they brought me a present from Vincent. He had his parents mail him stuff from France, and then gave them as presents when it was time for him to return there. Bonjour Vince!

(apologies… I was lazy and used my webcam)

I thought I had more to say… but there is an enormous amount of caffeine surging in my body right now. All blamed on the TEA from Starbucks… I got the largest size.

P.S. Tell me what I should be doing here…. long stories or smaller, more frequent entries? And do we like the daily photos? Speak now, or forever hold your peace.


  1. That’s it. At this time, I’ve decided to go with shorter non-fiction entries, but make occasional fictional entries that will be longer. You’ll have to decide what’s real or not.


  2. Daily photos!

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