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Wow, it’s like I’m actually there!

Jerod came upstairs at work today and told me I had a visitor. The older man from this entry came to give me my money back. He seemed just as flighty as before, and it was actually attracting a crowd of half a dozen people in the lobby. He gave me 5 dollars, placed in the palm of my hand during the handshake. Then he was gone.

As if this wasn’t enough strangeness, I was eating a late dinner in the food court. Out of the corner of my eye, I spot Krister and Amber walking around in the mall. I rush over to them, and gave Amber her original $2 investment in the old man, plus $3 “in interest.” Life is interesting.

At work, I trained a new projectionist. I don’t mind training people, and I honestly think I have a knack for making things simple to understand. I also finally got my own pair of 3D glasses.

What do I see?

P.S. Dentist appointment tomorrow, to fill two cavities. I’m sure he’ll pester me about my wisdom teeth also. This means war.

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  1. Brian Brian

    Not a bad ROI, maybe you can manage my mutual fund from now on!

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