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don’t forget to breathe.

Chapters maybe? Let’s try.

Chapter One: “Converting time to money.” A rather boring chapter, so I won’t go into it.

Chapter Two: “Geriatric pizza.” This was somewhat unnerving. My family first went to Cici’s Pizza, but this was extremely full. We went to Talliano’s instead. None of us been there before; and it was the elderly hang-out of west Wichita. Over half of the customers there were greying.

Chapter Three: “Definitely American.” I built and watched “American Wedding” today. As you might know, it’s the 3rd movie in the “American Pie” line. The first two were alright, but I think this one might have been unnecessary. The characters, especially Stiffler’s, are getting trite and just too damn predictable. That’s the best way I can describe the movie… sometimes funny, but predictable.

Chapter Four: “We have too much money.” While watching TV this evening, I heard noises outside. I went outside, and saw a huge fireworks display in my backyard. It looked to be coming from the clubhouse in our neighborhood, and I could also hear music and cheering. I’m assuming it was a wedding, but good grief, that must have been expensive. This show was just as good as the fireworks downtown, so it must have cost a freaking lot. Very strange.

Chapter Five: “Ahhh.” After the sneak, I noticed lightning on the horizon. Driving just north of Wichita, I parked my car in an open area and tried taking photos of the lightning. Using digital for this is not great at all, but it was all that I had at the time. The fresh air was wonderful, and I wish I could have shared it with someone. Alas.

Hard to believe it’s August.
Celebrate the good month of July with a new photo gallery!

Listening to: Beulah – Landslide Baby


  1. Jeff Jeff

    The fireworks were part of a party hosted by the doctors office, it was thrown in the vacant lot east of the bus station over off 21st near tyler, in case you cared

  2. hoorah hoorah

    cheers for adam’s webserver!
    jeers for lightning!

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