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Early Saturday morning, after I got back from hanging at Dave’s, I noticed that there was lightning in the distance, much like the night before. So I decided to try to take some more pictures, including this one:

Too bad I didn’t know what it would do just one hour later.

I finally made it home, and was getting ready for bed, when it started storming. It wasn’t too loud, until suddenly “BZAAAAAAAAAAAP!!!!!!!!” Nothing flickered in the house, but lots of things beeped and howled, presumably from all the surge suppressors we have. It must have hit just right around our house, because it was LOUD. I thought I should look at the radar, so I went to my computer. IT WAS DEAD. My sister’s computer was dead also, along with the internet not working from my laptop either. After staying up trying to figure out what had happened, I eventually just went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up to my parents yelling at me. Phone service wasn’t working, so we ended up unplugging every phone in our house trying to get it to work again. We eventually succeeded, but there were more problems. My 16-port switch and router were locked up, making the internet not work. The three computers in the basement also had problems, including the webserver. THIS MAKES ADAM IN A BAD MOOD! Very bad, in fact.

In short, I eventually figure out that the lightning had blown out 5 network cards, and a few ports on my switch. I bought 4 cards at OfficeMax, found one unused one sitting at home, and everything seems to be back in business. The dead cards were making the computers appear braindead, but all is well now. Here’s a picture of what happened to one of the cards:

Can you believe that?!?! I don’t remember seeing a chip blown out by lightning before. We seriously lucked out with everything else. So the total kills by lightning?

– 5 network cards
– one 16-port switch (it now drops too many packets, making it not very usable)

I guess it could have been much worse, but I really just wish lightning would stop striking our house. This isn’t the first time.


  1. biebs biebs

    you should have seen what happened to our dsl modem and router when lightning struck our house

  2. Melt it?

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