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thoughts from work… because work requires none.

While at work, I was thinking about how the sound engineers mix sound for movies. Some movies have a great sounding mix, with dialogue clear and intelligable. But “American Wedding” is a very bad example. It’s muddy, distorted, and just not easy to hear dialogue over background noise in the movie. I know it’s not just that theatre, because we’ve had other movies that sounded fine in there. On another note, I’m also baffled as to why over 50% of the audience for that movie this weekend has had greying hair. What part of bathroom humor, raunchy sexual jokes, and other material usually labeled for “teens and young adults” appeals to these seniors??? There were also several families with toddlers in tow seeing it. Definitely the best family movie since “Beauty and the Beast.”

As usual, I was bored. So I took photos of my work area, along with 5 short movies (each about 500k and requiring QuickTime).

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  1. Don Don

    I’m so over the American Pie line. I hate the actors and all the punch lines revolve around lame ass shit.

  2. Ditto, my friend. The first was something with a semblance of originality, but the rest have been carbon copies.

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