you make a gang sign, framing your face.

First, look at this. I’ve never seen a banana in a funnier situation!

I’m disappointed in the new Ben Folds EP, “Speed Graphic.” Too tame really. I miss the rocking trio of the past.

Krister and Amber provided entertainment tonight. Starbucks in the BMW, getting a wonderful mocha malt iced coffee, sudden rainstorm and the trendy folks outside racing inside Starbucks, watching TV, playing with his dog Shilo. Everything was good.

I got an iPod today. it came via the mail, and at a ridiculously good used price. It’s fun.

I managed to update the misc page and links page… including adding another member to the ofadam family: uterus maximus. How strange. Hopefully Jerod M. will provide some good stuff…

Uh oh. Too much caffeine. Sleeping might not work. But expect another batch of photos tomorrow. I’m feeling generous.