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freak out! umm…

Frisbee in the park, then hanging on swings and porches. Summer nights. We did exactly that.

Well, I didn’t mind watching “Freaky Friday” last night as much as I thought I might. However, there are a few things I must point out. The daughter, and her two friends, are portrayed as a “punk” girls. Here’s a photo to illustrate this for you:


She didn’t actually say that, but it seemed stupid enough to put down here. The movie liked to name-drop people like The Vines, The Hives, and a few other “HIP” bands into this movie, citing them as “fresh” and using too many imaginary quotation marks. I don’t have a problem with different types of music, but I do have a large problem when someone tries to construct a certain image out of it. How do I look? Probably like a dork. But that’s misleading! Because I listen to all sorts of music I think is neat, most of it “indie” rock (or so i’ve been told). But I don’t live in coffee houses, sew patches on my bags, or wear many “vintage” t-shirts. How can this be?!

Another thing I noticed is that when Jamie Lee Curtis acts like her daughter, she sadly reminds me of my godmother Julie. She succumbed to cancer last year, and really meant so much to me. I probably didn’t let her know that much, but that seems to be the way with everyone you love. God bless.


  1. You must be an exception to the rule. I, for one sew patches on articles of clothing and wear vintage t-shirts.

  2. HA!

  3. Bag Lady Bag Lady

    I remember the conversation we had about losing people. Sorry to bring it up, but your comment about your godmother reminded me. Even though I try to tell you now and then, I do want you to know that I love you.

  4. Leslie! Thank you! And I love you too.

  5. I LOVE the movie freaky friday , its just awsome and so true and I just think alot of people can relate to it. thats for posting this bye

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