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Building secured!


I built it and watched it. Today. It did wonderfully in the stereotypical casting department, making sure to include a thick-accented foreigner bad man, a black team leader (Samuel L. Jackson), a tough-as-shit woman, even a rapper (L.L Cool J), and a few typical white boys to round out the crowd. The worst part was how crafty the S.W.A.T. members were, making the impossibly hopeless situation of “city vs. them” never materialize. What a shame. Because those double entendres coming at me every 2 minutes were really thrilling for a while…. umm.

Best line in the movie? Spoken by Mr. Jackson himself.
“Sometimes the good thing to do isn’t always the good thing.”

The movie made me want to play CounterStrike more than anything else. I guess that’s a good thing.

Quick rundown on today:
– Refrigerator broke, making some food go bad. It won’t be fixed until Saturday or Monday (because of a part needed to be ordered), but luckily we have another one.
– Rachel (my sister) had her wisdom teeth out.
– Didn’t take my car in at 8am. Now I will do it tomorrow. Hooray for cars that work correctly!
– Talked to Ashley Prange today in the mall. We’ve actually only hung out once, ever, and it was over a year ago. But somehow we both remember each other really well, and I was reminded again of how cool she is. Props to you.


  1. SWAT!


  2. Hey, movie was predictable yet good at times, i wish someone but me out of my friends understood it, thats what i get for being friends with retards.
    Did you see tom cruise in that movie? I did!

  3. What was there to understand?

  4. Krister Krister

    I care not. I still want to see it.

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