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and the plot thickens…

My car is fixed! Finally… no more embarrassing squealing breaks.

Unfortunately, that took up the entire day. Steve came over and kept me company by jamming for a while. And Jerod P finally came home from South Dakota for good! That’s pretty darn exciting news.

Jerod P, Jerod M, and I went to the Gelato Caffe downtown to see Cody (a guy we work with) play guitar. There was also an attractive girl working, who commented on Jerod M’s Flaming Lips shirt. She HAS to be cool.

Chrissy and Raul came by, and more fun was had. We hung around until close, looked at a very strange antique store, and then left. Jerod P came with me to meet Steve and Cammy at Old Chicago.

That was my night. And I even posted new photos.

Tomorrow has potential.

P.S. We should all be more like Alex!


  1. i posted a couple of new artsy things for the first time in forever (

    And, um… i forgot to tell everyone i’m out of town until tuesday… which is a crap with jerod just now coming back and everything… so yeah.

  2. christy gnad christy gnad

    Where is that resteraunt?

  3. It’s on the 400 block of East Douglas, south side of the street. Let me know if you need directions.

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