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the girl with the flaxen hair

It’s actually very, very early on a Monday morning right now. I just got back from a big LAN party at Krister’s cabin 30 minutes outside of Wichita. It was a great place for it, and I finally got the gaming bug out of my system for a while longer.

On the way home, Steve and I saw some really fantastic lightning in the distance. We didn’t realize that it was storming bad in Wichita, at least until my mom called and it started raining HEAVILY. It was still worth it.

Saturday was alright, stopping to play some poker with Steve and Jerod after work. And Sunday was the LAN thing, along with work before.

I took pictures, but those will have to wait until a bit later. I’ll be in Kansas City watching the Royals play the Yankees tonight.


  1. oh yeah, you think you’re so special?! well, i’m going to be in atchison!!! visiting my grandfather’s sister!!! and… um… we get to ride a giant robot!!! yeah!!!

  2. Adam, I wasn’t aware you were going too, heh.
    I’m sure you know a bunch of us are going tonight also…road trip!

  3. Don’t forget your laptop – Jeremiah has wireless at his apartment! See you all tonight.

  4. Krister Krister

    Im really glad you came

  5. jim jim

    well, i didn’t go cuz i was gonna help laura w/her classroom at 8am the next day…. should have gone… cuz we’re doin it on tues instead…

    altho… i did get rid of my car finally

    i love lightning… that is… as long as its not too close to your computers!!

  6. carrie carrie

    thanks for the notes on FOD. they really brightened my day. one more week. 🙂

  7. Wow, that sure was a good game. Brian, we remembered laptops (too tired to use them though). Krister, I’ll definitely miss you when you go to K-State. Make sure to have me visit. Jim, wish you could have been there man. And Carrie, I can’t wait.

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