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when the entire thing falls apart.

I can control nightmares. I’m sure it’s a learned process, but it’s still fairly new to me. The feelings of powerlessness are gone, and amusement takes their place. The reason that nightmare’s are scary is the fact that they seem extremely real. But all nightmares have one thing in common: they feature a situation that really is implausible. I can usually find a hole or part of my dream that just doesn’t seem right. It could almost be considered a mistake or error in my dream. Once I find it, I exploit it. That’s when the entire thing falls apart.


  1. nightmare control is so much fun. there’s nothing more satisfying then whipping out a shotgun and blasting a big chunk out of the skull of the demonic beast that was so confident in its ability to terrorize and kill you.

  2. HAHAHAAHA!!! or the dream where you’re in school in your underwear and everyone is staring at you, and instead of being all embarrased to death you’re just like “What are you all looking at? I’m comfortable with my body! You’re all just jealous!”

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