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Deputy Adam smokes it again.

Alright, let’s see what’s happened the last few days:

Sunday – Moved my sister into K-State. Muscles became sore.
Monday – Moved myself into Fort Hays State. Already sore muscles just about ripped off. But with the help of my family, my crap was somehow drug up to my 3rd floor penthouse. Honestly, I have the best dorm room on campus. I’ll put photos up after I get it all cleaned up, but rest assured… I am one lucky man. I watched “The Life of David Gale” with Leslie later that night, after a nice dinner. Kevin Spacey is my favorite actor. It also stormed.
Tuesday – Newspaper meetings for 4 hours. I like our new advisor, and there should be some very good changes happening soon. It stormed again, this one with more lightning than I’ve seen in years. It was popping out of every place imaginable in the sky. Mark called, and I went to visit him, Brent, Ross and Darren. I went ahead and posted photos from today.

More here.

Tomorrow is official move-in day for the dorms. That’s good, because it’s boring without everyone here.

P.S. Thanks for every one of your emails. They were just fine.

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  1. jim jim

    neato pictures… save when its near oneself/oneself’s power grid… lightning is really awesome and makes me sleep better!

    took, my first problem solving/programming in c class today… and i’m pretty excited!

    later tater

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