summer nights always win.

I really need to get into a groove with this thing. I’ll try harder for you.

Wednesday was official move-in day for the dorms. I helped everyone by taking pictures for the paper… oh man, they’ll appreciate it someday. People were tired, and some went home for my crap, but one positive came out of it: I finally got to meet Carrie‘s roommate. Her name’s Carrie also, and they came from the same place. A town. Crazy, isn’t it?! She seemed incredibly nice, and hopefully she’ll have fun as a freshman.

The big excitement was yesterday. Tom finally got back to Hays, so Brian and I went to get pizza buffet with him at Pizza Hut. Unfortunately, buffet is lunch-only, so we settled on some family meal thing. Tasty, tasty. Oh wait, back up. I forgot to mention something first.

The New Pornographers were playing in Lawrence last night. At first just I was considering going, but I eventually talked Brian and Tom to join me. But somewhere between 2 and 3pm, we started to realize that we’d traveled enough this week with moving in. So the plan was put on indefinite hold, much to my regret later. We’ll make it to shows. Alright, on with my night:

After the feast, we checked out Hastings (a music/video/electronics/book store), and I bought “K-Pax” for 6 bucks on DVD. They also started carrying my favorite music magazine again, Skyscraper! There was something disturbing witnessed though. A man was dragging his 4 year-old boy into Hastings, and I heard the boy say “Daddy, I want a book!” The immediate reply? “How about I shove a book up your ass?” Aaaaaaaaahhh!! BAD DAD.

We stopped at Tom’s house that he shares with a few other guys. It’s old, but in a really good location off-campus. After fiddling with his router for a while, Sara S. came over and we tried to figure out what to do. She suggested showing her house to us, which was just across the street. It’s even more peculiar, with 4 stories that all seem to be built 100 years ago and for a 5 foot stature. We met up with 2 other girls there, and a total of 8 of us soon were playing hacky sack outside in the dark.

Eventually the glow-in-the-dark football was brought out, and we headed to the Quad on campus. It was incredible fun, throwing the football and wrestling, hanging from trees, playing in the fountains, sitting and enjoying the summer night air. We wore ourselves out after a while, and headed back to the house.

The water-balloon launcher was used, mainly against a frat house the next street over. A charred hamburger was also slung, and made a satisfying “clang” against something. And I forgot to mention, I was surprised to hear my name called out from a pack of girls walking to/from a party last night. It turns out that it was someone who I had just briefly introduced myself to the other day, and somehow she remembered. This is a perfect example of why we should meet people more often.

I did my first real grocery shopping last night, complete with healthy things. Hot damn.

P.S. If you noticed, I didn’t mention taking any photos last night. That was an accident, but one that taught me something. I can either “have” the fun, or I can try to take photos. I’m glad I chose the first.