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man from mars, man from mars, will you take us to the stars?

Mars has been extremely close to Earth as of late (or vice versa), and the observatory atop Albertson Hall was open on Wednesday so people could view Mars up close. This telescope is really darn neat, because it’s sitting in a dome right on top of the 4th floor in that building. It was built a long time ago, and it is showing it’s age. But that doesn’t really detract from the strangeness and coolness of the setup.

The thing that was more surprising was the amount of people that showed up. I’d been to previous Astronomy Club events before, and they usually had only a handful of people. But this one had well over 100 people. The line was reaching down the stairs, and it wasn’t just older folks. There were an incredible amount of attractive girls!

They should have had reception afterwards. Maybe including a D.J. Photos here.

P.S. Remember this game?

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  1. “man from mars” was invented by nazis. as was “duck, duck, goose,” which was originally called “dutch, dutch, jew.” or maybe i’m making this all up.

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