Our electric version calls.

Thursday night was the annual Battle of the Bands at the Bijou. I had to cover it for newspaper, and it was pretty good. It’s certainly something I’d like to see happen every weekend, as Hays could use a forum for musicians to jam with each other. Unfortunately, I’m sure it won’t happen any time soon.

It was to be held outside at the football stadium, but rain forced it to be relocated. I had a new photographer, named Jessica, who came with me. Most of the acts played covers, with a very few trying some original songs of their own. The Bijou is a really neat place, complete with a bar and place to mingle. But the lighting for the stage was awful. It was seizure inducing, controlled via the sound coming into the mixer. Each time a thud, crash, chord or any sort of noise occurred, the lights would change color, intensity and direction. I guess it was pretty “extreme” looking, but it made it difficult to use natural light to photograph.

Either way, it was still fun. Photos here.