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women, sun and freebies? not the beach.

Last Monday was the Back to School picnic in the Quad. It quite possibly is my favorite on-campus event the entire year, mainly because I like our Quad a lot. It’s a really nice area in the middle of most of the academic buildings, with well kept grass, a canopy of trees overhead, and paths that criss-cross the area.

For those who regularly attend this event, you know that it is a great place to get free goodies. Pretty much every club and organization on campus has a booth there, handing out free things. I covered it for the newspaper, getting some really cool photographs. I even found out that the caricature artists were from Boston and L.A.! Craziness.

Too bad the evening ended badly, with me getting only one hour of sleep. But we’ve all heard enough about that. Photos of the picnic and more.

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