I just laughed; what else could I do?

Hey, look at that! It’s September!

Last night I watched “May” with Carrie… what a freaky creepy movie! The main character is so incredibly pretty, but painfully awkward. And scary too. “So many pretty parts… no pretty wholes.”

It’s nice enough to have the windows open… and I’m glad to turn off my noisy air conditioner. As expected, we Brian, Greg and I managed to turn our boredom on those open windows. We put Brian’s speakers right on his window ledge facing outward, blasting across to the other dorms. So much crappy music, so little time. We blared anything you could imagine, mostly 70s and 80s music. With the lights out, we could see people’s reactions, ranging from delight in something different to disgust and uncomfortableness. I have no idea why, but we did this for about an hour. I bet it happens again…

Tomorrow is another day of school… but I have no classes at all. Just a meeting for newspaper. I hope you like this design.

Listening to: Brendan Benson – Metarie (UK version)