my brother Nick

Gosh, my brother has not had it very good this past week.

He’s a freshman in high school finally, which means a new school with a lot of new fellow students. Besides much more homework than before, he’s also battling the dreaded P.E. class.

All freshmen are required to take a general P.E. class. During a recent game of football, he was trying to guard someone and somehow managed to break his wrist. Right around Christmas last year, he broke his ankle pretty badly. So I guess you could call him either unlucky or brittle-boned. He was telling me about how he can’t use his right hand (the dominant one) much now.

He’s just like I was at his age. I’ve got experience from being 7 years older, but I know that he’ll figure it all out on his own. One thing that’s very different about him is his creativeness. He’s always been this way. So today, I present you with two Nick creations:

Wookie Walk: a stop action-film (~5mb)

Animated banner from my site (using only the graphic you see above) (~400kb)