The future might need to know.

Things to remember from this past week (because the future might need to know?):

1. Jami, my photo editor, has the cutest kitten ever.
2. I was such a badass parallel parking in the very last spot on campus a few nights ago. Three people tried before me with no luck.
3. PBS is just plain good. There was some really weird show on a few late nights ago about how order comes from chaos. I felt soooo smart.
4. Going out and getting drinks with the Leader staff is a good time. Especially when the paper is finished before midnight!
5. Crappy bar bands are just that: crappy.
6. John Mayer’s new album sounds a bit disappointing.
7. New batch of photos soon.
8. While coming home from the coffee house tonight, the largest meteorite I have ever seen burned across the sky. It really was HUGE. I made a wish, of course.
9. You (Adam) need to update more often, perhaps several times a day. Why wait? Express the moment.