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pay no attention to the man in the bushes with the laptop.

This is freaking retarded. It’s almost 5am, I’m done with the online Leader, but I can’t upload it to the webserver from my dorm room. Dorm IPs don’t have access to the FTP server on it, so I’m going to have to walk over to the library and sit outside using wireless to do this. Ah, technology… how dumb.

P.S. I have a lot of stuff in the wings waiting to be posted here. Maybe later today even.


  1. jim jim

    hey, adam… i feel like posting, but i’m at school right now… so i’m just gonna let out a little venting blurb… i chose yer site cuz you were up all nite right along with me (granted, it was in another city… but still)…

    i just stayed home from work on monday… stayed up all night trying to catch up in calc. my teacher’s a butthole that uses crap that isn’t in the book. and i just got done totally bombing the test. i’m going to destroy that man.

    after i destroy his class. calculus… you have not seen the last of me.

    you go get those bushes, adam… show them that you are the one in charge… and that ftp server??? well, it’ll know better when you’re through… that’s for sure.

    i will sleep through my last class… involuntarily.

    thankyou adam, for your patience and dedication.

    later tater

  2. the universities really do manage to screw up the technology thing so bad… take Blackboard for example. it just seems like they try to force you to use technology in situations where you really don’t need it, and it just gets in the way.

  3. Blackboard is a great tool if used properly, unfortunately too many instructors only know how to push the buttons and not how to use it effectively.

    Remember, Blackboard is a TOOL.

  4. Well, being the man in charge of the tool, you should certainly know.


  6. David David

    Hey – I saw your intense collections of storm photos. Pretty cool photography you got going on there. Also, you can access FTP from dorm rooms, you just need to go to your Internet Explorer Internet Options and make sure “Enable passive FTP” is checkmarked. This allows the FTP server to recognize your firewall. I access scatcat FTP from my dorm room all the time. Just a hint!

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