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well look who’s back in the country.

Hello boys and girls!

My original intent was to talk about this last weekend. I guess I’ll try to do that, but I honestly can’t remember much of it anymore…

Saturday was the opening home football game. I was covering the tailgating before the game for the paper, so I got some pretty darn good photos. The game was also good, especially having a media pass that let me on the sidelines. But this wasn’t without problems, with a football player sliding headfirst into me. Hard. I was alright, he was concerned, and everything was cool. That night, I can’t tell you how many messages and phone calls I got from those who saw it happen. It must have looked worse than it actually was. Thanks to Jamie and Mario (awesome Austria guy) for good times on the field.

These girls were incredibly sweet to me, begging me to take their picture. Too bad I wasn’t paying attention to notice that they were from the wrong school. Oh well, pretty girls get me every time.

After the game, Greg, Brian, Leslie and I headed to Village Inn. Soooooo many wacky things were said, and I set a record. Eating an incredible amount of pancakes. I was congratulated by quite a few employees, including our drugged out waitress who insisted on getting a plaque for me. I’m a hero at this place.

I’ve been suffering from some awful allergies the last several days, and they haven’t let up much. I know it’s not just me, for I see others sneezing and sniffing during class. I could blame the lack of updates on that, but it would probably be a lie.


Listening to: Ashley Park – By the Stereo


  1. Ross Ross

    Your wookie thing didn’t work on my computer. Anywho, I need you to help me get a site started. Let me know if/when you are free some weekend. Keep it real my homie with the red shoes!

  2. jim jim

    i’ve never seen a plate full’o pancakes and a more determined person in the same picture ever before in my life.

    did you eat them with syrup or fruit preserves?


  3. Syrup, my man.

  4. Brian Brian

    Sweet photos!

  5. laura laura

    Hey, Adam–nice picture of the storm in the leader! Do you have any of those on their way?

  6. Yes indeed! Check the gallery, for I just posted them. I’ll write about my experience in the storm tomorrow.

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