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proof that i’m better than thou.

There’s been this fly in my room the past few days. I didn’t invite it, I didn’t feed it, and I certainly didn’t make it feel welcome. After trying to get in most of the openings on my head, the torment has ended.

With two fingers, picking the sucker out of the air and wrestling it onto the floor. I won.


  1. I had a spider hanging around my room the last few days, I made the mistake of letting him go the first time I saw him, which allowed him to stage a guerrilla war against me from behind various pieces of furniture. He got a little reckless last night and tried a direct assault, so I beat him to death with a shoe and threw his corpse down the air vent.

  2. Brian Brian

    Wasn’t that a little harsh? Make the punishment fit the crime.

  3. laura laura

    nah, spiders deserve whatever comes to them. those bites are wicked.

  4. ADAM, NOOOOO!!! I forgot to tell you about him. It was Henry my pet fly. Hey, and in the spring, don’t kill the wasps that find there way back to there nest above the ceiling tile. I don’t know how they get in the room, but they do.

  5. jim jim

    yeah… spiders are evil and should be destroyed at all costs when within human living spaces…

    i’ve had quite a few swollen and physically crippling spider bites in the past…

    i do not fear them…
    i do, however, loathe them.

    and they shall die by my hands (shoes)

    as for the fly… i’ll believe it when i see it.

  6. Dandos Dandos

    I’m with Brian, this is not nom, we have decency nowadays

  7. Haha…. well, the deed is done. It’s in a better place now.

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