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Look what you’ve done; you’ve made a fool of everyone.

It’s in the early AM hours right now. I had laundry to do, but now it’s done. I really felt like writing some current thoughts on here…. but then I realized that there is no way I could describe them properly. Don’t worry; everything is fine. But sometimes fine just isn’t good enough.

I decided against going to KC for a few days, on the thought that I had work to do here. I do, but I haven’t started it yet at all. I guess there’s always tomorrow.

On another note, I ruined a roll of black and white film. It was almost finished, camera on the floor in my room. Somehow, the back popped open during the day, to be discovered by me a few hours ago. Excitement has turned to sorrow.

I’ll be back later today. Sleep can conquer all.

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