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a few days earlier…

From last Saturday, home in Wichita:

I couldn’t sleep last night… sitting in my very own bed, eyes awake for 2 hours. It’s not a pleasant feeling, especially happening in the last place it should be happening: home.

I woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my hair…. oh wait, that’s a Beatles song.
Actually, I did all of that minus the comb, and then went to get a haircut. I now have the hair of a 10 year old, unsure of his style. But I got many inches off, so I once again look like a Spock-clone or just plain nerdish.

After this came lunch, heading out to Tanya’s Soup Kitchen in Old Town with Steve and Cammy. It may sound like a homeless shelter, but their food was unbelievable. It’s a smallish place, rebuilt from a gutted industrial building. They have several soups of the day, including a cold one (of a fruit variety). I picked a sandwich and salad, and had a few spoonfuls of Steve’s Fat Tire (beer) with cheese soup. The amazing thing about my sandwich, besides having crazy good bread, was the BBQ sauce they put on it. The sauce was mixed with blueberries. WHAT?! One bite into my sandwich convinced me that this concoction was the best sauce to ever reach my mouth. I have no idea how it can work, but I assure you it does. I usually don’t spend $12 bucks on just a lunch, but this was a good exception.

My left front tire has been leaking slowly for about a month now. Since I was home, I thought I would take it back to the place I bought the tires and have them look at it. While watching Camille’s brother play grade school football, the car place called and told me that they couldn’t find a single problem with the tire. Frustrated that the problem probably wasn’t fixed, I picked up my car free of charge. However, upon closer inspection of the receipt, I noticed the line “customer complained of slow leak in right front tire.” What the hell. I specifically told the guy “left front tire” and even pointed at the damn thing. In other words, a complete waste of time.

The rest of the afternoon was spent catching up, going shopping at the mall, and driving around. I had dinner with my extended family, and it was nice to see everyone again. I missed them more than I thought.

I’ve wanted to see “American Splendor” (trailer here) for a while now, ever since it came out in August. Unfortunately, it’s stayed out of both Wichita and KC… at least until now. It was at the Premiere Palace, a place that shows quite a few “indie” films, and I went to a 9:20 showing of it. For those not familiar with Wichita, I live in the NW part of it, not even a mile away from a 17-plex. But this theater was on the east side, forcing me to drive 25 miles each way to see it.

After getting used to ignoring the masking problem and the dirtiness of the print (remember, I was a projectionist this summer!), I got really into the movie. It was a fantastic example of how to make a documentary about someone, even including them in the movie, but also make it entertaining. The main character, messy and depressed about life, reminds me of a certain side I have. It was incredibly relative, seemingly stealing my very persona at times. I’m not going to go on reviewing it here (although I might be for the paper), but I will say that the very end made a tear come to my eye. And that, folks, is a rare occasion with movies.

While driving home, I thought. Just thought. The lights of the city, blinding out all stars, somehow comforts me. It’s never really dark. I need to see people, to feel anonymous. Having such a large number of people around me is satisfying, because there could be one, just one, that’s a perfect match for me.

It’s thundering lightly now, dull thuds on my wall. Rain is pattering on my roofline and window, my only source of light being my laptop and the flashes of lightning. I’m not sure it could have been any better… any of it.


  1. Okay, Adam. I used to think you were the ice cream guy in the Kohl’s commercial. After seeing this picture, I’m convinced you’re starring in the E-Bay commercial as the young office guy doing the dance. Is this another life you lead?

  2. Greg Greg

    Toni, before he got his hair cut, I thought that he looked a lot like the guy in one of the newer Cingular commericals. He even sounded like Adam when he said “I call it the ‘They’re my minutes, I’m keepin’ ’em’, plan.’ ” Sounds like he’s got that generic gerik thing down pat,

  3. Wow… famous again. Who will I be next?

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