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air anyone?

I was trying to figure out why it said “AIR” in the sky on the way to get my haircut. It seemed odd.

A moment later, I realized what was up. “AIR SHOW.”

This last weekend was the Wichita Aviation Festival, celebrating the 100th anniversary of flight. Being the “Air Capitol of the World,” Wichita put on quite a show. I’m a little sad I didn’t go.


  1. jim jim

    well done, good sir… a fine pair of photos have you.!!

  2. cody cody

    i went on saturday. i almost took the same picture of the “AIR” but i didn’t want to get my camera out. i’m lazy, what can i say?

  3. my brain is full of taffy my brain is full of taffy

    about the new layout
    | looks good

  4. Ross Ross

    I like the dandelion picture, very nice choice…it seems fitting

  5. Big thank you’s to every one of you! I’m liking this layout quite a bit.

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