i’m here… although no one seems too concerned.

Another autumn is upon us, and I’m personally glad of it. The weather has been amazing lately, so amazing that I’ve been neglecting you, the indoor reader.

I’ve been keeping plenty busy with school work, plus helpings of fun on the side. I went to a BBQ Wednesday night, which included some intense Badminton action. Tonight is yet another one.

For some reason, while drinking at the bar last night with the Leader staff, really good music was played to the unappreciative people there. The Avalanches, a new Travis single and The Postal Service, all within a short amount of time. If you really think about it, playing good music to drunks might be the best way to turn around the music scene here in Hays.

A strange thing happened yesterday. While working in the lab, a lady called for me. She was the wife of the man who had the bad motorcycle accident in front of my hall just a few weeks ago. She was really nice to speak with, and wanted to know if I could get her copies of the pictures I shot for the paper. I asked how her husband was doing and he’s still recovering. I suppose if I ever had an accident, I’d want copies of it also.

In exciting news, I’m going to a journalism and media conference in Dallas this fall. It’s looking to be financially possible… exciting!

You know what’s the best way to celebrate being alive and alright in the morning? Peaches and cream oatmeal. Quaker knows what’s up.

P.S. Pictures soon? And I really need to fix the layout on the individual archives. Yuck.