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a darn good weekend

Friday night was a classic, having a BBQ with some great friends, playing free pool at the bar and drinking nasty beer, good strawberry wine and darts. I didn’t take any pictures; this seems to be getting more common. Memories will suffice.

Saturday was good. Leslie, Greg and I got some pizza before the football game, which we managed to win quite handily. The weather was perfect fall sweatshirt weather, and I enjoyed taking photos of not the game itself, but the reactions of players and fans. I’m finding that emotion is getting to be so much more important to me in my work.

After the game, I headed over to TigerLAN, a nerd party in the simplest terms. We had a pretty good turnout, although I inadvertently got stuck playing networking administrator (after troubleshooting the router and seeing that several people had some Blaster-type virii.) I played next to an awesome guy named Matt, who I’ve known for a while. We had a lot of fun, even when just sitting around, and we wrapped up around 6am.

Yesterday I took photos of a police officer for a feature story, which may have landed me a job taking photos at her wedding. I also had my radio show, which went pretty darn well considering I had no access to my normal stash of music. Hopefully I’ll get that show up in the archives, and also redesign that nasty looking page.

If I had one wish to be granted right now, it would be for my nose to stop running and for my head to stop sneezing. Seriously.

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