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Checks and balances can only do so much.

For example, in our open forum we have in the paper, we censor certain curse words.

Well, our cartoonist decided to say something about it.

Click to enlarge.

Hmm, his hands are in different spots. Spelling out ‘FUCK’ in sign language. No one on staff even noticed.


  1. jim jim


    that’s a different language after all!!

    nicely done

    freakin a

    yer cartoonist is actually good.

    ours… well… lets just say i’m almost ready to apply to do the comics… but i really don’t like our paper anyway… so why would i?

    yah… now its official even.

    i mean… i don’t want to sound like a butt…

    its just, as an ex-cartoonist myself… i just… GAAAGH… have a low tolerance for mediocre comics.

    man, i should just rant on my own page… sorry adam…

    jim -the turncoat artist

  2. brilliant.

  3. laura copeland laura copeland

    hella funny!

  4. I honestly have never met the cartoonist yet… but this makes me want to.

  5. Bag Lady Bag Lady

    Clever. Bum wine. I think I know the guy that made that call. Or one of his roommates at least.

  6. Chonshu Chonshu

    I dated that cartoonist.

    He’s ok, but kinda creepy at times.

  7. bling bling bitch! stuntaz style!

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