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my vices. know and love them.

The temperature today barely reached 50 degrees (and reached as low as the mid-30s!). It was rather refreshing, but left me cold at times. So after studying in the library for a bit, I got a cup of white chocolate and caramel coffee. Honestly, it was fantastic. And only 69 cents!

Also in my stomach lately has been candy corn. This stuff probably causes cancer, makes your tongue RED if you eat a lot of it, but goes down easy. I’ve noticed that the population seems divided over the greatness of candy corn, but this man right here loves it.

I guess I’ll finish out this food entry with one more annoyance. The other night, after being tailed by a car right on my rear bumper the entire drive to WalMart for some late grocery shopping (I was actually getting VERY concerned, as they kept honking and following every strange turn I made. Once I parked at WalMart, they buzzed by me pretty close and slowly drove away… I’m a wanted man!), I looked in vain for what I call “cheese curds.” These are cheddar bits, the scraps of greater cheeses, but they have a particular taste and texture that I loved as a kid. However, I couldn’t find any! ARE THEY EXTINCT?! And does anyone know what I’m talking about?


  1. code code

    i, for one, think you’re full of crap. i’m only referring to your mysterious ‘cheese curds’. you’re absurd.

  2. Melissa M. Melissa M.

    Hey Adam!! Cheese Curds rule. They used to carry them in my local grocery store. As a treat, my grandmother would buy them for us. A great brand of them used to come from a town just outside of Manhattan, Kansas, called Alma. Word, cheese curds rule!!!

  3. jim jim

    hrm…. caffine…. yeeeessss. i’m cominggggg….

    hey adam…

    thx for letting my site fart along on your server…


  4. Bag Lady Bag Lady

    I know what cheese curds are. I had them once at my hairdresser’s house. I was playing with her daughter while my mom got her hair cut. That’s the only time I’ve had or heard of cheese curds. I’m positive they still exist though. You should call the grocery stores in some of the smaller, surrounding towns. You never know.

  5. Well, the deli lady at Dillons said that the company from Alma, KS stopped selling them. NOT GOOD. So I suppose I’ll be buying them online…

  6. My boss is from Wisconsin and sometimes brings Cheese Curds back and shares them with us. They are awesome.

  7. Seriously David, let me know if he’s planning on bringing back some or knows how I could order some… I need my fix.

  8. I’ll check with him. He may be heading that way for his xmas break.

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