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drug bust!

On Wednesday, as I was sitting in my Cisco class, my cell phone rang. There was a drug bust going on at Wiest Hall, the men’s dorm on campus.

I ran across campus to get my camera, and met a reporter (my friend Joseph) at the scene. I immediately noted the 7-10 police cars parked by the building, including K9 units with dogs. Joseph and I walked up to the 6th floor, where the action was taking place, but were immediately told to “get out” as it was a “secure area.” We tried stalling, but did see a row of students against the wall in handcuffs.

We waited outside for several hours, trying to get comments from officials and just keeping our ears open. 3 people were arrested, the drugs were marijuana and opium, and cars were even searched. As the suspects were being taken out, I took some photos for the newspaper. Immediately, I was given glares from a few guys next to me, apparently friends of the suspects, who kept on saying, “Man, that’s not cool. Why are you taking photos?” over and over. They were pretty mad at me. I was certainly in my right to take these photos outside, and some of the police officers also acted rude. I should have told the guys that it’s not exactly “cool” to do pot either, but it wouldn’t have mattered much.

Yesterday there was a fire alarm at McMindes Hall, and 20 minutes later, one at Wiest Hall. These firefighters must get complacent, answering these false alarms.

Otherwise, things are looking good. I’ve been feeling rather intelligent lately, for reasons unknown to me, but it’s a good confidence booster. Greg, Leslie and I hung out last night, talking about almost anything, and making magnetic poetry. Most were rather raunchy, but what do you expect.

One of the words included in a set was “forlic.” Now, I certainly don’t have a doctorate in English, but I immediately was suspicious. After consulting a dictionary, I’ve come to the conclusion that I found a typo in a magnetic poetry set!

Frolicking ensued.

P.S. While getting food with Leslie the other day, we passed a fast food sign that read “Hungary.” I’m fairly sure it was American food.

P.P.S. Speaking of food, the cheese curds search can be called off. The deli lady at Dillons said that the company in Alma, KS stopped selling them. Thus, no native Kansas cheese curds. 🙁


  1. jim jim

    well i’m glad the potheads didn’t attack you… cuz if they’re potheads, that also means that its highly likely that they’re retards that don’t think their actions out before they act… and sometimes punching is one of those actions… but there were people around… sooo….

    *high five*

    i’ll show you a forlic!!

    and i hope that’s not a bad thing.

    come on… someones gotta have some cheese curds they’ve been saving for years in their deep freezer… we just need to talk to the right people.

  2. you know, i always see that from stupid worthless college student garbage. they have this attitude that they should be allowed to get away with anything and how dare the police come after them for it. the scum are all lucky i’m not in charge, i’d have their hands cut off and their stomachs filled with scorpions.

  3. I remember when I was an RM in Agnew and I got a call from Wiest Hall. The cops were arresting someone for drug possession but the guy didn’t speak much English so I was brought in as the translator. It was a long night, but full of fun (for me). How often do you get to say “you have the right to remain silent” and mean it?

  4. Pot Monger Pot Monger

    God makes the weed
    he WANTS us to smoke it!
    – guy from my confirmation class

    and from the ultimate authority
    “Evil does not grow out of the soil,/Nor does mischief spring from the ground.” (Job 5:6)

  5. you know what the weed guys should do? since they really think it should be legal, when the cops show up, they shouldn’t try to hide it and put it out and get away with it. they should just keep on smoking and be all like “that’s right, officer! i’m so totally smoking it!” and then willingly go to jail for it as an act of civil disobedience. i’d still think they were a bunch of potheads, but at least they’d be potheads on a mission.

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